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This elegant and chic case for memory and SIM cards is covered by genuine leather and is strengthened with aluminum alloy to prevent memory and SIM cards from being bent due to inappropriate force. With its unique double-sided design for holding memory and SIM cards, the case is light while having sufficient space for multiple memory and SIM cards. Additionally, its elastic strap makes it more instinctively convenient. The case can hold 2 SD cards, 6 Micro SD cards, 2 Standard SIM cards, 3 Micro SIM cards, 4 Nano SIM cards and 2 pins.


[ How to use ] 


1.) Carefully insert SD and Micro SD cards into the SIDE A slot.

2.) Turn to the back side. Carefully insert various sizes of SIM cards into the SIDE B slot.

3.) Tighten the elastic strap.


Materials: Genuine leather, aluminum alloy; silicone rubber.

Weight: 110g

Dimensions: 96x72x20mm


Free UK Delivery.

Memory & SIM Cards Case -Black

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